Poomsay’s therapeutic garden

Frankly, the garden at Ivy Willis House in Anerley, Bromley, was never something to write home about … well it is now.

And it’s primarily down to the hard work of one of the unit’s patients, Poomsay Waters, who has masterminded the transformation from a rather sad looking garden to a really pleasing on the eye area with plenty of colour from the beautiful flowers and plants.

Poomsay said: “I really got a feel for the garden at Ivy Willis House. I’ve been a keen gardener for about 20 years and enjoyed working on our nearby allotment as well.”

She started off with a hydrangea, then some lavender. Poomsay again: “I love Lavender. I got some of the plants cheap from Penge market.”

The change has come about after a lot of hard work by Poomsay, “who has transformed the face of Ivy Willis House”, according to Clinical Charge Nurse, Odette Aseh.

Odette said that Helen (Poomsay is Ms Waters Buddhist forename) “has even bought some Ivy, which she has planted in some Wellington Boots.” Odette went on: “next on her list is the kitchen.” Poomsay is planning a makeover in there shortly.

Occupational Therapy Technical instructor, Keith Low, who has also worked on the garden project with Poomsay, said: “Now the garden looks really lovely, but it has taken a lot of hard work. It used to be covered with cigarette butts but now it’s neat and tidy, full of colour and a pleasant place to be.”

Ivy Willis House provides 24 hour residential care to Bromley residents (aged 18 to 65) with severe mental health needs requiring rehabilitation.

Published on 12th July 2011