Anne comes from caring stock

Anne Voce, public governor Greenwich

Anne Voce will bring a wealth of experience as a service user to the newly elected Council of Governors.

Anne, 48, from Plumstead, was diagnosed with “manic depression” at the age of 16 and ever since has received treatment from Oxleas or its forerunner organisations. Anne’s insight into the world of mental health runs deep. Ten years ago she was discharged from the Bracton Centre after two years there.

She said: “I have managed well since then but have had a couple of relapses recently and had two admissions at Oxleas House at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.”

Anne comes from stock that really do care. Her late father was a social worker who rose to a senior position with the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), while her mother worked for Save the Children. It is not surprising then that Anne chose to stand for the role of governor.

And if the Council needs any help on the catering front Anne is more than ready to help. Her hobbies include cooking – her signature dish is “traditional roast lamb” – while she is also a dab hand at cake decorating which she used to teach.

A keen poet, her work has been published by Spotlight Poets.  Anne will take up her position on the Council of Governors after the Annual Members’ Meeting on Wednesday 28 September.

Published on 16th September 2011