New staff governor knows what it’s like to be a service user

Scott Hunt, Governor
Scott Hunt has been elected on to the Council of Governors.

Scott Hunt has a unique insight into what good mental health care should mean. He explained: “I have been a service user myself so I know how important it is for staff to be good at their work, that they are caring and focused human beings. I suffered from depression and was hospitalised in the early 90s. I know what it feels like to be on anti-depressants and feel suicidal.”

Representing all adult mental health staff, Scott is ideally placed to take up his post as a newly elected member of the Council of Governors this autumn. 

Scott, 44, has worked in healthcare for 26 years and has a nursing background. He is presently employed by the trust as Overarching Manager of the Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team (CRHTT) and Day Treatment Team. Based at Green Parks House in Bromley he also looks after liaison with Accident and Emergency at the neighbouring Princess Royal University Hospital.

He said: “My duties are to look after the day to day running of CRHTT and oversee the development and management of its staff. I make sure that we offer high quality services to our service users.

“My election will mean the Bromley crisis team will have a voice on the Council of Governors. I will be able to bring back first hand information to my teams improving communication within the workforce. It is important that staff understand the direction the trust is going in, but most important is that we deliver good care.”

Scott will take up his position on the Council of Governors after the Annual Members’ Meeting on Wednesday 28 September.

Published on 5th September 2011