New Mental Health Liaison Team

A new Mental Health Liaison Team (MHLT) will officially start work in Bromley on Monday 15 October.

The team will provide a mental health liaison service to A&E at the Princess Royal Hospital (PRUH) at Farnborough.

The team will comprise of: a team manager; six qualified registered mental health nurses; one part time senior clinical psychologist; one part time qualified occupational therapist; one staff grade psychiatrist; a team administrator and two consultant psychiatrists. The experienced mental health professionsals will provide advice and information to people with mental health problems who receive medical treatment at A&E or other wards at PRUH.

MHLT Manager, Scott Hunt, told a gathering at a recent launch event: "We feel very privileged at a time of scarcity to be launching an expanded MHLT. For a number of years both the PRUH and Green Parks House (GPH) have worked to offer the best treatment for our service users with the dream of at some point having a larger team to deliver assessments and support each other in best treatment and practice. There has never been more evidence both statistically, visually and by way of national research to show the importance of the greater mental health input required within our general hospitals.

"With so much change currently in the health and social care services it is vitally important that both mental health and physical health work in partnership to ensure the new team achieves its goals."

Scott thanked all those involved in making the MHLT a reality - but added: "I would especially like to thank Bridget Mhako who is our lead practitioner for the team, who since arriving at GPH has worked very hard during the embryonic stages of our team and I know will continue to do so."

Dr Angela Bhan, who is Managing Director of Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group, the body paying for the new MHLT service said: "It is so important that this service is now in place. It is our intention to better meet the needs of our population. This is about us all working collectively together to produce the best outcomes for patients."

Oxleas Deputy Chief Executive, Helen Smith, said: "The perspective of the trust is that it is our role to support the commissioners. This new team will help reduce hospital admissions and enable more people to be treated at home."

Published on 9th October 2012