New trust publication for LGBT History Month

LGBT in Oxleas

LGBT History Month takes place every year in February and is a celebration of the lives and achievements of the LGBT community. This year the trust has published a new leaflet called LGBT in Oxleas. It contains information for people using Oxleas' services who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT).

The leaflet describes what service users and their carers can expect from Oxleas' services, where to get help and information and how to complain if they not satisfied. It is being distributed to sites around the trust where it will be available in reception areas.

LGBT History Month is being marked by events in February up and down the country including exhibitions, concerts, talks and films. Closer to home, these include an exhibition in Canterbury Library and tours of Eltham Palace which focus on the LGBT history of the site.

An LGBT History Month was first begun in the USA in October 1994. LGBT History Month UK was set up by Schools OUT, an organisation that works for LGBT equality in education, in February 2005. To mark the forthcoming Olympic Games, the focus this year is on sport, including an examination of homophobia in football.

The LGBT History Month website has lots of resources including news updates, information for schools and LGBT history.

Oxleas believes that equality must be an integral part of all that it does and is committed to ensuring that patients and carers are not subject to discrimination, bullying or harassment on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Published on 24th February 2012