Oxleas wins baby friendly accolade

News: Oxleas wins baby friendly accolade (1)

Oxleas has become the first in the country to achieve joint UNICEF Stage 3 Baby Friendly accreditation.

The trust's Public Health Community Nursing (PHCN) team worked in partnership with Royal Borough of Greenwich’s early years teams and NHS Greenwich to ensure that mums in the borough have access to the highest standards of breastfeeding advice. The accreditation was awarded jointly to Oxleas and Royal Borough of Greenwich Children's Centres.

UNICEF UK is a charity that focuses on children and child rights worldwide, with a presence in more than 190 countries. Their Baby Friendly Initiative works with healthcare systems to ensure a high standard of care in relation to infant feeding for pregnant women and mothers and babies. It accredits maternity and community facilities that adopt internationally recognised standards of best practice. Accreditation takes place in three stages – Stage 3 assesses the care provided to pregnant women and new mothers.

The Oxleas team hold well attended Baby Cafes in Greenwich children’s centres where mums can come for information and advice. This could be, for example, on how to express milk – a way of taking milk from the breast without the baby suckling.

UNICEF staff visited children's centres across Greenwich and talked to mums about the advice they had received from Oxleas’ staff. Questions included whether mums received advice on how to express milk and a staggering 98% told UNICEF they had. Jane Wells, Service Director, Greenwich Community Health Services, said: "This is a magnificent achievement by our PHCN team and the local authority early years teams. Assessment is a rigourous process and the target is really demanding as it focuses on what the mums remember about breastfeeding advice and how well supported they are."

Published on 30th July 2012