The healing gun

News: MSK healing gun photograph
Nilesh Jawale and 'patient' Gwyneth Davies aka Administrator for Acute Services Closer to Home

NHS types are not normally that keen on guns – but that’s not always the case at the Manor Brook Medical Centre in Blackheath.

The Musculoskeletal (MSK) Clinical Assessment and Treatment (ICAT) service based at the centre in Brook Lane is more than happy to fire up to 2,500 ‘shots’ or impulses in a short session – especially if it helps the patients.

Recently one member of the MSK team received a warm letter of thanks from a patient that had suffered with shoulder pain for years … until she visited Brook Medical Centre.

Specialist MSK Physiotherapist, Nilesh Jawale, who treated the above mentioned patient takes up the story: “Prior to attending our service she had experienced pain for several years due to calcific tendinitis of her shoulder. She has had unsuccessful physio and injection therapy by other services in the past.
“We treated her with a relatively new treatment called extra-corporeal shockwave therapy. She was the first lady to undergo this treatment for this specific problem in our MSK service to date. Following three sessions she is now pain-free and back to living her normal life again.
“This demonstrates superb client-care but also how our dynamic service is at the forefront of evidence-based practice by offering clients unique services un-matched by other local services.”

And according to Nilesh’s colleague, Advanced Physiotherapist, Paul Allan: “We are the only NHS service I am aware of in south east London that offers this treatment.”

Nilesh again: “The machine delivers shock impulses to the area concerned. It irritates the area encouraging normal healing. It is a relatively new and expensive piece of kit that in private practice might cost £250 for a short session. We use it to treat shoulders, elbows and heels, where more conventional forms of treatment have failed.

“It would not normally be our first choice of treatment as the gun itself has a finite life and has to be replaced at some expense after a certain amount of use.”

In her letter to the MSK team the Charlton patient, who had been suffering from calcific tendinitis said: “I recently attended your physio department for treatment after being referred by my GP. I was having treatment to my right arm. I had very little movement and was in constant pain, so much pain it was hurting all day and keeping me awake throughout the night.

“I had three consecutive treatments and the results were almost instant. I have no more pain in my arm or my shoulder and have very good movement. I would just like to say thank you very much for making me feel very much better. I would recommend this treatment to any patient with the same complaint.”

Published on 4th July 2012