Summer party springs bluebells

On Saturday Bluebell House held a Summer Party at Wensley Close in Eltham. Everyone had great fun at the event which was held to celebrate the facelift given to the centre and to mark its new name.

Bluebell House used to be known as the Short Breaks Service. Thirty local children with complex health needs and disabilities visit after school or for a three night stay so their parents can get a much needed break. We took over running the service in April 2011. 

The new name was chosen by the children following an extensive renovation of the building and garden area which has dramatically improved the facilities. Clare Morris, Nurse Manager said: "The children love coming to Bluebell now and we invited the parents to the party so they could see the fun that their children have here. Looking after a child with complex health needs can be very demanding. We provide an important service which benefits both the parents and the children."

Laura Thompson from Party Belles entertained the children and adults with balloon modelling, dancing and other party games.

Published on 29th July 2013