Adult Social Care Annual Report 2014

News: Bexley Council Annual Report 2014

Bexley Council has produced an annual report about the delivery of adult social care in Bexley.

It forms part of a national approach to assessing the performance of adult social care, which aims to give you more information about the quality of these services.

The annual report explains how the Council is meeting the social care and support needs of adults in Bexley. This includes carers, older people, people with disabilities or mental health needs, together with other vulnerable adults.

The report details how the money for adult social care is spent and how people have benefited from care and support. It also includes information on the progress the service has made over the last year, what needs to improve and how the Council has responded to feedback from residents. Finally, the report includes the priorities and plans for the service for the next 12 months.

The full report and a summary can be found on the Bexley website. We would welcome your views on the annual report; a short feedback survey can be found here. Easy read versions of the summary and the consultation questions will be published on the website shortly.

Published on 2nd October 2014