Don't just go to A&E

The posters can be found at locations across Bromley
The posers can be found at locations across Bromley

A campaign to remind people that A&E is for serious emergencies only was launched in Bromley and Greenwich this week.

The 'Don't just go to A&E' campaign, which will run over the winter months, reminds local people that A&E is not for common health problems including those associated with the colder weather such as like coughs and colds, but for serious emergencies only. It highlights where you can get expert advice and treatment, including self-care at home, pharmacies, your GP and at urgent care centres.

National data shows around 40 per cent of people who attend A&E departments are discharged requiring no treatment and could have been treated elsewhere.

Posters featuring yellow figures experiencing different symptoms - from runny nose to back ache will be appearing across Bromley and Greenwich signposting people to where they can find out about other local services.

In addition people can download a guide to local services (Bromley and Greenwich), or pick up a guide from their GP practice or pharmacy.

Published on 3rd November 2014