Our Forensic Directorate launches its Wellbeing Strategy

Patsy Fung, Head of Occupational Therapy and Team

Our Forensic directorate has launched its new Wellbeing Strategy, which focuses on tackling obesity by increasing exercise, eating healthy and addressing long term, physical health conditions.

Patsy Fung, Head of Occupational Therapy, kicked off the Wellbeing Strategy last week, with the help of her team and patients at the Bracton Centre.

She said: "We're delighted to launch the Wellbeing Strategy for the Forensic and Challenging Behaviour Directorate. Our goal is to engage our patients and staff by taking part in 'health' related activities and learning ways to improve our nutrition. In preparation, we've given all patients and staff branded health diaries, specialised 'on the go' filtered water bottles and digital pedometers."

Every Wednesday, each clinic at the Bracton and Memorial will take part in ‘wellbeing events’, which will record physical health goals of patients and staff on the new 'Wellbeing Tree'. The new strategy will also incorporate the following initiatives, to improve health and wellbeing in all clinics:

Wellbeing Calenda
r - weekly health promotion events throughout the year from October 2014 until October 2015.

Wellbeing and Nutrition
- for all the clinics at Bracton and Memorial to have:

  • Standardised food ordering system based on fresh and nutritious ingredients
  • Four weekly food menus with meat and vegetarian options for those patients unable to cook
  • Actively supporting and promoting self-catering to patients who have been assessed as able to self-cater
  • Meals to be portioned and calorie counted
  • Limits on snacks, sweet fizzy drinks and takeaways available to patients
  • Work in partnership with the Trust Dietetics Service
  • Potentially introducing Weight Watchers/ Slimming World sessions onsite for patients and staff
  • Catering outlets to play a crucial role in what food and drink is available for patients and staff to purchase onsite.

Wellbeing Tree - for each clinic at Bracton and Memorial – patients and staff identify one wellbeing goal for the year using the menu as a guide.

Wellbeing Wednesday - for all clinics at Bracton and Memorial. Multi disciplinary involvement in taking vital signs in the morning, taking part in exercise activities, raising health topics and cooking healthy, nutritious and tasty meals (calorie content and portioned).

"So far, the launch has been a great success with excellent patient and staff engagement." Patsy Fung 

Published on 3rd November 2014