Building our membership

Membership form

We've been busy recruiting new members and have a number of exciting developments to share with you. 

In November we asked MES, which stands for Membership Engagement Services, to go onto the streets in Eltham and Bromley and talk to people about becoming Oxleas members. MES is an organisation that specialises in helping trusts connect effectively with their members, patients, carers and staff.

We gave MES a target of 500 new members and we're delighted to report that they exceeded that, recruiting no fewer than 565. We hope that when MES analyse the data, this will show that our new members include people from other parts of England as well as from Greenwich and Bromley. 

Our associate members now number over 100 and we will shortly be inviting them to join as individuals, as public or service user/carer members. We will also be promoting the role of governor, and encouraging any that join to stand for election to our Council of Governors. We hope that our associate members will promote our membership within their networks, and let us know about any opportunities to promote our membership at their events.

Head of Stakeholder Engagement Jo Mant reports that she is currently building an A-Z directory of all associate members on The Ox - our staff intranet - that will be a key resource for staff: "This area will hold information about all associate members such as key contacts, projects, access to our services and work opportunities. It will enable staff to seek information and support for the people who use our services from third sector and other organisations."

In another development our Lead Governor, Raymond Sheehy, has written to our governors asking them to volunteer to recruit members within our services. Jo added: "Several governors have put themselves forward and have been visiting, or are scheduled to visit, sites to recruit. I hope that Joe Moore, who has recently joined my team from the Volunteer to work scheme (V2W) will also be able to promote membership within our services."

Published on 8th December 2014