Help for carers of people with COPD

A COPD class at the Waterfront Leisure Centre

Our Greenwich chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) team are running a special session for the carers of people with breathing problems such as COPD.

The session will be held at the Waterfront Leisure Centre in Woolwich from 1pm to 3pm on 26 August and will be the first one we have run exclusively for the carers of people who live in Greenwich.

The team will be on hand to chat to carers about any concerns they may have and provide useful information on things such as lung disease, the importance of self management, exercise and how to encourage healthy eating.  

Carers will also be consulted on whether they would like more sessions in the future.

To book your place, please call the COPD team on 020 8319 5381.

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Published on 19th August 2014