Second trio of awards for Oxleas in November

Oxleas has won another hat trick of awards – at the 2015 Innovation Grants and Recognition Awards.

We recently added three Queen’s Nurses to our ranks and now we also have three awards presented by the Health Innovation Network South London and Health Education South London.

The awards highlight innovation and educational excellence in South London. The Oxleas projects that received awards are the Bromley Care Home Project, wellbeing clinics on Lesney Ward, Woodlands Unit, Bexley and HeadScape, our website giving mental wellbeing support to young people.

The first two projects were praised for improving care and HeadScape for promoting collaboration and inclusion.

The awards were presented by broadcaster Vivienne Parry who said: "Innovation in the NHS is everywhere but is not always recognised. These awards celebrate talent and success in teams who are leading the way in delivering excellence."

Bromley Care Home Project

An advisory service to care home staff providing education and advice on understanding challenging behaviour within dementia.

The team’s work helps care home staff to better recognise distress in dementia patients through their behaviour, to avoid medication being used in certain circumstances.

The approach is person-centred and holistic, looking at what other health care services can be brought in to add to their existing care package.

Wellbeing Clinics, Lesney ward

Wellbeing clinics were introduced to try and close the gap in life expectancy between people with mental illness and the general population.

The objective of the clinics is to improve patients’ physical wellbeing and this is done by allowing patients to have direct time with staff to focus on both their physical and mental health. Ward staff lead these sessions as they have already built relationships so patients have continuity and feel more comfortable to discuss sensitive issues.


This is a self-help website, designed to offer young people advice and information before they require specialist services. It’s been developed for young people, by young people to provide information on mental health issues. It can be used at home by both the young people and their families to help identify if they need help and where to go for it.

The website includes a screening tool, whereby young people can answers questions then at the end, either be referred for help to Oxleas or be given advice.

It also has a vast library of information about emotional wellbeing.

The website gives early advice; evidence says that 50% of lifetime mental illness (excluding dementia) starts by the age of 14.

The website is currently available for referral to young people living in Bexley and Greenwich and is actively promoted in secondary schools in those areas.

Published on 3rd December 2015