Volunteer with Oxleas - would you like to join us?

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Would you like to know about volunteering opportunities available with Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust?

We have a team of 300 volunteer drivers, snack shop assistants, group facilitators, psychology researchers, volunteer gardeners and admin assistants.

There are also many more jobs – these are just a few.

We will be holding a Volunteer Recruitment Open Day for potential volunteers interested in becoming part of the team.

The open day will take place on Wednesday 30 November at Memorial Hospital, Shooters Hill from 10am to 2pm.

Come along to find out more about what volunteering opportunities we have available and to discuss the recruitment process. You will need to have a DBS check carried out – this is a background check if you decide to volunteer with us.

We're particularly keen to hear from people who have been through mental health crisis, to be able to help others in a similar situation.

We have a 12-week course to train people for this important volunteering role. Come to the event to find out more.

Andy Trotter, Chairman of Oxleas NHS, said: “Volunteering has played a key role in service delivery at Oxleas for many years and I have seen for myself the impact our volunteers have on our service users and the valuable contribution they make.”

You can volunteer for Oxleas if you are aged 16 and over, a member of the public, a current or ex-service user or a carer of someone using Oxleas’ services.

To find out more, call 0208 836 8510 or 020 8301 9487.

Published on 23rd October 2016