We have royalty in our midst

The cedar tree at Memorial Hospital

Did you know that the cedar tree on the lawn in front of the Memorial Hospital was planted by a king?

The tree, which has been growing in the grounds of the hospital since 1928 was planted by King George V when he visited that year.

He declared it to be the best equipped and most beautiful hospital he had ever seen!

The tree recently had an inspection to make sure it is safe and apart from some limb damage, it has been given a clean bill of health.

In 1925 the Duke of Connaught laid the foundation stone for the 112-bed hospital and in 1927, the Woolwich and District Hospital Association Cottage Hospital was officially opened by the Duke of York, accompanied by the Duchess of York (who later became George VI and Queen Elizabeth). It had 112 beds.

By 1930 the hospital was known as the Woolwich and District War Memorial Hospital, until 1931 when it became the Woolwich and District Hospital Association War Memorial Hospital. In 1938 it was known simply as the Memorial Hospital.

It was a military hospital during the second world war and by 1948 it became an NHS general hospital.

Published on 24th February 2016