Oxleas Chairman Andy Trotter celebrates 'excellent' accreditation of ECT Service

Dr Rafael Euba, Jessie Kwong and Andy Trotter visit the Oxleas ECT Service

Oxleas Chairman, Andy Trotter, celebrated the ‘excellent’ accreditation of our ECT Service during a recent guided tour.

His visit to find out more about the service followed an announcement in January of a three-year accreditation at the highest rating of ‘excellent’ by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The ECT Service is based in the Woodlands building at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup.

Dr Rafael Euba, lead consultant for ECT, led the tour with the help of Jessie Kwong, ECT nurse and Rachel Matheson, Service Manager.
Dr Euba said: "ECT is a very effective treatment that belongs firmly within mainstream psychiatry, even more so since the Royal College accreditation service was set up some years ago and ECT became a mandatory part of psychiatry training in the UK.

"It is a well-established therapeutic tool, in the treatment of major depression and many clinical trials have corroborated its effectiveness."

Oxleas Chairman, Andy Trotter said: "I was very impressed with this service. In particular I was reassured by the outstanding clinical effectiveness of the treatment being provided by the highly skilled staff there."

Published on 31st March 2016