Junior doctor industrial action

Junior doctor

Junior doctors will hold a further 48-hour strike this week, starting this morning (Tuesday) at 8am.

The British Medical Association (BMA) is holding the industrial action as part of its on-going dispute with the Government over junior doctors’ contract and terms and conditions.

Junior doctors will take industrial action from 8am-5pm on Tuesday 26 April and again from 8am - 5pm on Wednesday 27 April.

It's an 'all out' - meaning all care will be affected, including emergency care for those 18 hours.

This means there would be no junior doctor presence within Oxleas during this time.

Previous days of action were announced and carried out:

  • 12 January for 24 hours – took place
  • 26 January for 48 hours – cancelled
  • 10 February for 24 hours – took place
  • 9 March for 48 hours - took place

For the strike this week, the trust has put contingency plans in place to cover essential medical care provided by junior doctors. This involves cancelling junior doctor-led clinics and ensuring that consultant and medical staff are redeployed to maintain a safe service for all our patients. Other clinical staff will continue to have medical support on both days and there will be an enhanced consultant and medical presence on inpatient units on these days.

The BMA is very clear that its members do not wish any harm to come to patients as a result of the action and has worked with Oxleas to ensure that this is the case.

It is recognised that the dispute is a national one and both Oxleas and the BMA wish to maintain the current very good relations that exist and continue to provide safe patient care.

Find out more about what to do during this week's days of action on the NHS Choices website.

Published on 26th April 2016