Your views on our new website - fill in our survey

News: Website survey 2016

The survey to gather feedback on how to develop our new website is still open.

If you have time and have some suggestions, please fill it in - it only takes a few minutes and your input will be useful to us.

We will be designing a new one this year and are looking for feedback and ideas from people on how it should look, content, accessibility and style.

  • Perhaps you have seen something great on another website?
  • Is there missing information on our current website that you think might be useful?
  • Have we got the right links?
  • Does it navigate well?
  • What could we do better?

Feedback so far has included:

  • Less information on each page
  • More user-friendly
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Add links to other relevant pages
  • Less on the homepage
  • More videos
  • More health advice information
  • Word bank to explain jargon
  • Better search function
  • More information on our services, location, treatments and how to refer

If you have more to add, please complete the survey and let us know.
You can find it here

Published on 8th August 2016