Re-shaping of services presented to governors

Council of Governors Meeting

Our Governors learned about proposed re-shaping of our Adult Mental health and Learning Disability Rehabilitation Service at the Council of Governors meeting on 15 September.

Ben Travis, CEO talked through proposals to establish a high quality integrated service, focusing on community based provision and bringing care closer to home.

Ben explained that the proposal would enable the creation of new community rehabilitation teams operating across the three boroughs of Greenwich, Bexley and Bromley, to reduce in-patient care and instead, allow us to invest in community based rehabilitation care.

This new way of working would include reducing in-patient rehabilitation units to create one, in-patient service offering a pooled bed base across the three boroughs. This in turn would allow us to reinvest to create new community rehabilitation teams, operating across the three boroughs.

Governors were impressed with the plans to modernise the service and deliver community based care to patients closer to home.

Published on 22nd September 2016