Lived Experience Practitioners - supporting our mental health patients

Amy Wattingham - Lived Experience Practitioner

A new role to help mentor people with mental ill health has been created at Oxleas.

Lived Experience Practitioners are now being recruited, to work with people who have been diagnosed with mental health conditions.

They are people who have experienced their own mental health problems and can draw upon their lived experience of mental health challenges and their personal recovery journey, to develop empathic relationships and support recovery for Oxleas mental health service users.

They will work across our directorates, boroughs and teams.

Lived Experience Practitioners are both volunteers and paid – the latter requires a 12-week training course. (1 day a week from 10am – 5pm).

We are currently in the process of shortlisting from applications for the next training cohort but will be recruiting again later in the year. Pleae go along and meet Amy at the next volunteer recruitment event on Tuesday 31 January from 10am – 1pm at Memorial Hospital where you can find out more.

The paid role will require a minimum of 15 hours per week whilst the volunteer role will be whatever time you can commit to.

Japleen Kaur, head of volunteering, said: “It’s a really exciting time for Oxleas to have Lived Experience Practitioners who are willing to use their lived experience to enhance and create an even more positive image of the service we deliver.

“Our aim is to have a Lived Experience Practitioners in every team, and branch out to other services as well.”

Read more about the role and meet Amy Wattingham, one of our Lived Experience Practitioners.

To find out more, contact:
Japleen Kaur –
0208 836 8572

Published on 11th January 2017