Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust secures Strategic Estate Partnership with Community Solutions and Arcadis JV

Strategic Estates Partnership logos

Health Innovation Partners Ltd has been selected to form a 10 year Strategic Estate Partnership with Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.

The Oxleas NHS Property Partnership (TOPP) is a joint venture between the Health Innovation Partners (Community Solutions and Arcadis JV) and will help Oxleas NHS to look at properties it owns and prioritise the development of land to support the delivery of healthcare in South East London.
Peter Cox of Health Innovation Partners said: “In the face of on going NHS financial challenges, health providers need to consider how they can make the best use of the properties they own. 

“We’re delighted to be working with Oxleas NHS.  We have a long history of bringing our commercial expertise to partnerships such as these, to deliver better value for our public sector partners.

“Through Health Innovation Partners, we are able to offer Oxleas NHS access to the best knowledge and expertise, all in an economic, efficient and effective way.”

Helen Davis of Health Innovation Partners said: “Flexible long term partnerships are an excellent way for NHS Trusts to unlock value and deliver long term efficiencies to support front-line health care services. We are excited about the benefits we will be able to bring to the communities and patients of Bexley, Greenwich and Bromley.”

Ben Travis, Chief Executive at Oxleas NHS said: “We have well managed properties across South London. Our partnership with Health Innovation Partners will give us additional expertise and resources to progress our work further and make best use of our properties to deliver efficiencies and income. This will not only benefit patient care, but also the communities we serve, enabling us to reinvest profits directly into patient care." 

Published on 27th July 2017