Women in Mental Health

News: SLP Women in Mental Health Conference

More than 150 staff from Oxleas, South London and Maudsley, and South West London and St George’s mental health trusts came together recently for the first ever South London Mental Health and Community Partnership Women in Mental Health conference.

Speakers included world-renowned psychoanalyst, writer and social commentator Susie Orbach; Henrietta Bowden-Jones, Consultant Psychiatrist and founder and Director of the UK’s National Problem Gambling Clinic; and former National Clinical Director for Mental Health Geraldine Strathdee.

Some of the excellent south London services for women were highlighted, and delegates considered specific mental health problems affecting women as a direct result of societal issues and inequalities.

News: SLP Women in Mental Health Conference 2

The second half of the conference focussed on women in the health workforce, highlighting issues such as the need for more women in senior roles.

The event was organised by a team from Oxleas, partially to celebrate the 100th anniversary of voting rights for women.

Conference Chair Helen Smith, Oxleas Acting CEO, said: “I found it inspiring and very moving to hear how motivated people are to providing opportunities for women at every stage in their lives and tailored, personalised services that meet the very specific needs of our female patients. Celebrating some of these fantastic services and achievements was a great way to mark what has been a milestone year in many ways.”

Derek Tracy, Consultant Psychiatrist and a Clinical Director at Oxleas, chaired the afternoon session. He said:  "It was incredible and inspiring to see such energy, enthusiasm, and desire to enhance services and professional opportunities for women in the SLP. There was a real sense of support, with a call to 'lift up as you climb', and to carry the debates, ideas, and network forward after the day itself."

The South London Mental Health and Community Partnership (SLP) is a collaboration between Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, and South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust, between them delivering mental health services to a population of more than three million people. The partnership brings together clinical expertise, experience and innovation, aiming to improve quality, use resources most effectively, and deliver best practice consistently to all patients. You can read more about the SLP’s work in its Annual Review here.

Published on 5th October 2018