Meadow View Unit back #endPJParalysis


Staff on Meadow View Unit are to join the national #endPJParalysis campaign, taking place for 70 days from 17 April 2018.

Staff are aiming to encourage patients, where possible, to stop wearing their pyjamas or hospital gown when they don’t need to, in favour of getting dressed into their own clothes.

Why? Because wearing pyjamas for many patients reinforces the ‘sick role’ and can prevent a speedier recovery.

For every 10 days in a hospital bed, the equivalent of 10 years of muscle ageing occurs in people over 80-years old, and building this muscle strength back up takes twice as long as it does to deteriorate. One week of bedrest equates to 10% loss in strength, and for an older person who is able to climb the stairs at home, get out of bed or even stand up from the toilet, a 10% loss of strength can make the difference between dependence and independence, or between returning home and requiring a care home placement.

Helping patients get into their own clothes aids recovery and changes how they are viewed by others, builds strength, as well as improves their mental outlook on the reason for their stay, whilst enhancing their mental wellbeing. Patients are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their own health and become active participants in their personal health journey.

#endPJParalysis will coincide with the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service and is being supported by NHS Improvement and NHS England. The aim of the campaign is for hospitals across the country to encourage their inpatients to be getting up, dressed and moving by Noon – with the ultimate aim of reaching 1,000,000 patients moving by the end of the 70 days.

Each day, staff on Meadow View Unit get everyone up, dressed and to a dining area so they can enjoy breakfast and/or lunch together. Not only will this support patients and relatives to understand the importance of being up and dressed, but it also adds a social aspect to the day and promotes increased nutritional intake - as research shows that people eat better in a group than on their own.

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Published on 16th April 2018