Instant mental health advice supports GPs and reduces referrals

News: Consultant Connect

A new web based platform for GPs in Greenwich who need immediate additional mental health support and guidance for patients has already seen some great results.

The ConsultantConnect service has been introduced by Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and connects GPs in the borough directly with mental health experts at Oxleas NHS.

GPs are able to get advice and guidance while the patient is in the consulting room, eliminating what could be days or weeks of waiting for a referral. Based on call outcomes, 45 per cent of calls to the service have resulted in a referral being avoided. Unnecessary outpatient appointments and admissions are also reduced.

They simply call the service, via the app or phone line and calls are routed to a rota of specialists, Greenwich psychiatrists, team managers or Primary Care clinicians.

Rachel Matheson, Oxleas Service Manager for adult and older adult mental health services in Greenwich, (pictured above) said: “A consultant psychiatrist colleague answered a call from a GP and was put onto speakerphone, so that the GP and patient were able to have a three-way conversation about the person’s mental health problems. For GPs, it means they can have an additional specialist in the room to call on during a patient’s appointment and if someone is in crisis, we can guide them into the system very quickly.”

Two short videos are available to watch here on how patients are benefiting from health professionals having immediate access to mental health phone advice and guidance from Oxleas NHS.

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Published on 28th October 2019