Joining together to shape Oxleas future

News: Closer to home

Colleagues, governors and members joined together last week to share their views at our first Our Next Step Closer to Home event.

The series of events has been set up to enable staff and members to join in the Our Next Step conversation and suggest ways that Oxleas can better support colleagues to do their jobs well.

The feedback about the first event was very positive and people found it worthwhile spending some time thinking about the future. IT Officer Martin Reading joined clinicians from services in Bromley as well as Bromley Governor Margaret Cunningham and was pleased to share his perspective.

News: Closer to home event

"From whatever directorate, service or department you work in, this event will be beneficial as you get the chance to express your views and opinions which Oxleas needs as part of its future plans," said Martin. "Coming from IT, my angle was different to medical staff for example, but it was valued for that very reason."

The Our Next Step programme has been set up to involve staff members, service users, carers and partners in developing our strategy for the coming five years. More information is available on the Our Next Step page and details of all the closer to home events are here.

If you have any queries or would like to share your views in another way please email

Published on 2nd December 2019