Up & At 'Em project is a national award winner

News: CACT mental health project award

The Up & At ‘Em mental health project for over 65s, run in partnership with Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT), has won a national award.

The programme won the Community/Primary Mental Health Services for Older People with Functional Mental Health Issues award, at the Positive Practice Older People’s Mental Health and Dementia Awards in Bristol last Thursday (11 July 2019).

The Up & At ‘Em project was piloted in 2017 and is aimed at those aged 65 and over with a mental health diagnosis. It is designed to help reduce social isolation and to enhance participants’ physical health and mental wellbeing through activities within the community.

Sports and leisure-based activities through Up & At ‘Em include cricket and trips on the Emirates cable car, and there are also culture-based activities such as pottery creation, painting and theatre visits.

The project allows participants to socially interact with others on a weekly basis while taking part in fun activities.

In 2017 and 2018, Up & At ‘Em was Highly Commended at the Positive Practice in Mental Health awards, but, after going from strength to strength, the project went one better this time out.

Carl Krauhaus, Oxleas Appointed Governor and CACT’s Head of Disability, said: "CACT’s Early Help and Prevention strand, working in partnership with Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust has always been very positive and we are all very pleased to have won the award. Up & At ‘Em was shortlisted from a huge number of applications.

"The project delivers weekly activity to older people from 65 to 90 across three London Boroughs, helps clients with confidence and self-esteem, reduces isolation and opens up further opportunities."

Published on 16th July 2019