Have you had your flu jab?

News: Just the flu

Flu can be horrible for young children and they can easily pass it on to those around them who could be vulnerable - even if they don't show any symptoms. Children who get flu have the same symptoms as adults – including fever, chills, aching muscles, headache, stuffy nose, dry cough and sore throat.

The free flu nasal spray is easier to give to children than the injection, is the best way to protect your child and can prevent the spread of the virus.

Ask your GP about your child's free flu nasal spray.

Call NHS 111 if you are worried about your child's symptoms.

Oxleas NHS, Executive Director of Nursing, Jane Wells, said: ”I can’t emphasise enough how important it is that you have your flu vaccine. The expansion of the flu programme this year means that many more people will be eligible to receive the free flu vaccine than before, but may not realise this.

“The flu virus kills thousands of people every year and this vaccine helps to protect those most at risk. Please be sure to have your vaccine.”

Who should get the flu vaccine?

Published on 27th October 2020