Speak Up Month 2020 - promoting freedom to speak up

News: Speak up 2020

October is Speak Up Month – a great opportunity to reflect on the importance of speaking up and the options available to us to do this. 

When things go wrong, we need to make sure that lessons are learnt and improvements are made.  

If we think something might go wrong, it’s important that we all feel able to speak up so that potential harm is prevented.

Even when things are good, but could be even better, we should feel able to say something and should expect that our suggestion is listened to and used as an opportunity for improvement.

At Oxleas, we want to ensure staff feel confident to raise concerns and trust they will be listened to. We want colleagues to feel safe and free from any negative repercussions in being open and honest with us. 

We aim to be an organisation that listens to our staff, patients and carers. We believe this is the best way to ensure we are delivering excellent quality of care as well as the most positive experience for our staff members.

You can raise a concern internally or, if you would prefer, via the Guardian Service (details on the staff intranet, The Ox). 

Published on 19th October 2020