Raising awareness of fraud within the NHS

News: Stop Fraud

This week is international Fraud Awareness Week – a time when the NHS Counter Fraud Authority aims to raise awareness of fraud among NHS staff.

It is estimated that the NHS is vulnerable to £1.21 billion worth of fraud each year.

Being aware of the fraud risks facing the NHS, as well as how each of us individually can become a victim of fraud, is as important as ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know criminals try to exploit emergency situations to commit fraud and continued vigilance is vital to stop them succeeding.

Whether you have a formal role in the NHS counter fraud community and many years of experience tackling these crimes, or just want to do your bit to protect NHS resources, please join in, spread the word, and make a world of difference to the fight against fraud.

Show your support using the hashtags #fraudweek #fraudfighter and follow @NHSCFA to find out more about #NHSFraud or to speak to your local counter fraud specialist.

Counter fraud specialist, Charlie Medley, from KPMG, said: “The NHS is always a great ambassador in supporting Fraud Awareness Week and it is those who work there who are our greatest asset in helping to identify and prevent fraud.

“We ask that you all remain alert and aware to any dishonesty or intentions to make a gain or create a loss, and if you have any suspicions please take action and raise those concerns.”

Oxwide video

Watch our latest Oxwide video, that includes discussion on NHS Fraud (from around the 9.20 mark). 

Published on 16th November 2020