Protect yourself this winter

News: Flujab November 2020

Each year, the flu kills on average 11,000 people and hospitalises thousands more. This year it’s more important than ever for people at risk to get their free flu vaccination. 

By having the flu vaccination, you will help protect yourself and others from what can be a severe, and sometimes fatal, illness which could lead to hospital treatment.

At Oxleas, we are working hard to make sure all our members of staff are vaccinated against flu.

This winter, many more people are eligible to have the free flu vaccination.

If you’re over 65, are pregnant, have a long-term health condition, or you’re in a shielding household, speak to your GP or pharmacist to get a free flu vaccine. 

You can book online with your local pharmacist at my

Children aged 2-3 can get a free nasal spray at their GP. 

School aged children up to year 7 will be offered the vaccine at school – if you have an eligible child, please make sure they get it to help stop the spread of flu.

The flu spreads from person to person – even amongst those not showing symptoms. The vaccine is the best protection for you and those around you. 

For more details, about the flu and how to protect yourself, please visit the South East London CCG Winter Health page.

Published on 13th November 2020