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News: NHS 72

Sunday 5 July 2020 is the NHS' birthday. This year has been, without a doubt, the most challenging year for the NHS and 5 July will be a moment for everyone to reflect. 

To give your own special thanks, whether that's to everyone, or a particular person or group, why not share an image, picture or self-recorded message of thanks on Twitter to show your appreciation?

Remember to tag @OxleasNHS and include the hashtag #NHSBirthday and we'll share your messages to show our thanks and support to everyone working with us through the pandemic.

Many people have been working alongside us in the fight against the pandemic and, on Sunday at 5pm, there will be a nationwide clap to thank them all - from the returning front-liners, shelf-stackers, truck drivers and cleaners, to the thousands of volunteers and many more.

Published on 30th June 2020