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News: Mask

Oxleas NHS staff have joined forces to create some powerful posters to support awareness of the important message to always wear a mask in all of our sites.

The lifesaving message to staff, patients and visitors alike is clear: 'we wear a mask to protect you, please wear a mask to protect us'. 

Chief Executive, Matthew Trainer, said: "We’ve all seen the news about the increase in COVID-19 infection rates, so we’re redoubling efforts to share the important message that we must continue and increase the wearing of face masks. 

"It’s not always possible to tell who is infected. We know that asymptomatic transmission is possible, and that just speaking is enough to expel virus carrying droplets.

"This campaign is also aimed at the public and our patients, to reinforce and remind that face masks must be worn at our sites. The evidence supports the wearing of face masks in helping to reduce transmission, we must all play our part, that means NHS staff, service users, patients and visitors alike."

staff wearing a mask

Published on 24th September 2020