Trust Shadow Executive gets underway

News: Shadow Executive

Our new Shadow Executive is now up and running and members took part this month in giving feedback to the Executive Team for the first time. 

The Shadow Executive has been created at Oxleas to help bring fresh thinking to our senior decision-making and help colleagues from across the organisation develop new skills. It is made up of 12 members of staff who are in their first few years of working in the NHS and are from a wide range of roles across our services. 

Kelli Rush, Lived Experience Practitioner, explained why she put herself forward: "I want to use this opportunity to raise awareness of the discrimination people with mental illness deal with in all areas of their lives. The Executive Team have demonstrated a real appetite for Building a Fairer Oxleas for all staff, including staff with mental illness." 

While Taf Marapara, who works within our prison services, is enjoying linking in with colleagues from other parts of Oxleas. "This allows us access to how the organisation works and it’s refreshing to be able to bounce ideas with peers from different backgrounds about major decisions within the trust," he said. "I have appreciated how much time and effort that has been invested in us to make the experience meaningful and productive." 

The Executive Team is valuing the experience too. Chief Executive Matthew Trainer said: "I’m really enjoying working with our new Shadow Executive team. It’s really refreshing and valuable to get their perspective and I’m looking forward to working with them more over the coming months." 

Published on 27th January 2021