Celebrate Black History Month at our BAMEx event

News: BHM-2021 BAMEx

October is Black History Month and our BAMEx staff network would like to invite colleagues to their annual Black History Month event.

This year’s event, which includes the bi-annual Annual General Meeting of the staff network, will take place on Monday 18 October 2021 (10am-12pm).

The theme is ‘remembering our past, moving forward united and strong’.

In celebration of Black History Month, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ify Okocha, will welcome people to the event which will include a presentation by historian, Paul Obinna, on his Black History, Cultural Capital Timeline programme, exploring 8,000 years of African and European History.

Network members will also elect their new executive committee, discuss achievements and take time to remember lost loved ones and colleagues.

Black History Month is held every October and is a celebration of the contributions that Black and Ethnic communities have made to Britain and around the world.

Juliana Frederick-James, Chair of our BAMEx staff network, said: “Last year we flew our flags in celebration of our heritage. This year, we’re leaving it up to you to choose which aspect of you or your identity makes you ‘proud to be’. This could be your professional uniform, your cultural attire or flying a flag of your choice – it’s up to you.”

Please see the programme for more details

We hope to spend time remembering those we have lost over the last year.

If you would like to remember someone, please email janice.williamson@nhs.net.

Published on 15th October 2021