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News: Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day

Today (15 October 2021) is Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day – the day to raise awareness nationally about this often hidden condition which affects as many as two students in every class of 30. 

Young people with DLD have persistent difficulty understanding and using language. It is a lifelong condition and the impact on that person’s social, emotional and mental wellbeing and academic progress can be devastating. 

Support from teachers and therapists makes a real difference but there is limited awareness of DLD amongst educators and parents which means these children are often overlooked. 

Emaline Burgess and Gemma Otieno, specialist speech and language therapists at Oxleas NHS, want to raise awareness of the condition – view our short film (below)to find out more about how they are doing this. 

The condition is not limited to children and young people – up to 7% of the population have DLD, even if they don’t realise.  

Emaline said: “We have been sharing information as far and wide as we can with people that we work with to raise awareness about this mostly hidden condition. It’s not something that is immediately obvious and people often have lots of coping strategies which can mask their underlying difficulties.” 

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DLD Awareness Day: 15 October 2021 from Oxleas NHS

Published on 15th October 2021