Our new strategy for 2021-24

News: Our Strategy 2021 - 24

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Our Next Step discussions last year to learn what was important to you and how you thought Oxleas should develop in the coming years. The ideas our colleagues, people using our services, carers and local organisations shared, alongside some of the lessons we have learned through the Covid pandemic, have been used to create our strategy for 2021 – 2024. This strategy, which includes new values for Oxleas, has been just been agreed by our Board of Directors and Council of Governors. 

"We were delighted by the number of people who took part in discussions to develop the ideas in this strategy," said Matthew Trainer, Oxleas Chief Executive, "We have also reflected on how Covid has changed us all. In particular, our new values, we're kind, we're fair, we listen, we care resonate with the way Covid has impacted our communities and underline our resolve to challenge inequalities. We will now get the work underway to make these strategic aims a reality."

The three big priorities for the strategy are: 

  • Achieving zero delays
  • Delivering great out of hospital care
  • Making Oxleas a great place to work. 

 These are underpinned by eight building blocks for change: 

  1. Quality Management
  2. Bolstering our service user, patient, carer involvement and co-production
  3. Creating a safety and learning culture
  4. Increasing our focus on service inequalities
  5. Effective partnership working
  6. Reducing violence, aggression and abuse against our staff
  7. Increasing digital and remote service delivery
  8. Making best use of our resources.

Download our strategy

Click here for a one page summary of the strategy and for the full strategy document.

We will be sharing more information over the coming weeks and working with you as we develop the workstreams to take the priorities forward.

Published on 9th April 2021