National Day for Staff Networks

News: Staff Networks Day

Today is the National Day for Staff Networks and to celebrate, we’re announcing the launch of two new staff networks of our own to further support our staff.

This year is the fifth year of celebrations for the national day – and we now also have five staff networks in total, providing valuable guidance and timely advice as we strive to make Oxleas a truly great place to work.

Our new Mental Health Staff Network heralds a time for openness and its primary goal is to make Oxleas a safe place where staff feel able to be open about mental health.

The network is open to all members of staff and aims to help support colleagues, whether they have experienced mental ill-health personally, care for family members or want to explore issues further.

Lived Experience Practitioner, Kelli Rush, who leads the network, said: "There was a real appetite for lifting the veil of secrecy around mental illness among colleagues. The idea that stress or mental health struggles are normal, understandable and not a problem for our work environment, is one the network can fully support."

This year’s International Women’s Day inspired the launch of our new Women’s Network to support gender equality across the trust. The network aims to connect, support, inform and influence through activity and debate on topics including women’s health, career progression and micro-aggressions within work.

Founding member, Kay Abbs, said: "Not only do we provide a safe space for female-identifying and non-binary staff to raise concerns and discuss topics important to them, but we also provide a way to network with each other across Oxleas."

These two new networks join our other three, our BAMEx (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Xtra) Staff Network, Disability Network and LGBTQ+ Network.

We’re supporting this year’s Networks Day theme, #togetherness - a day of celebrating the diverse range of work being undertaken to foster an inclusive workplace where everyone can bring their whole self to work. Show your support on social media for five years of National Day for Staff Networks #makingworkbetter.

Published on 12th May 2021