GP DPR: new patient data collection system coming soon

Advice and Guidance: NHS Digital

A new system, to be introduced in September, will gather patient data held by GP surgeries in England, and feed it into a central NHS database. 

Under the General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GP DPR) system, information from GP surgeries dating back over the past 10 years will be gathered by NHS Digital and transferred to the new database. 

The database will collect information on patients’ physical, mental and sexual health, including details of diagnoses, symptoms, test results, medication and immunisations. It will also include data on sex, ethnicity and sexual orientation. 

This new data collection service has been directed by the secretary of state for health and social care and was prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to a significant increase in the need for GP data to support clinicians, researchers, academics and commissioners. 

Data will pseudonymised (which means that no one will be able to directly identify you from it) and it will only be shared with organisations who have a legal basis to use the information for local, regional and national planning, policy development, commissioning, public health and research purposes. 

Patients may opt-out by requesting that their GP practice record is not shared. 

We have further information on our GP Data Planning and Research page.  

Published on 30th June 2021