Chief Nurse for London is full of admiration for our nurses

News: Chief Nurse for London visit

There’s little doubt that our nursing community at Oxleas have been through a tough 16 months - so a recent visit from Martin Machray, the Joint Chief Nurse for NHSE London, and his colleague, Emma Christie, Head of Mental Health London, provided a welcome opportunity to take a break, talk things through and reflect.

Hosted by our Chief Executive, Matthew Trainer, and Jane Wells, Director of Nursing, Martin and Emma met with some of our specialist nurses and Julie Onyegbula, responsible clinician and nurse consultant, at Barefoot Lodge, Goldie Leigh.

Our visitors met with Bexley specialist nurses, Pippa Ashford, our Diabetes specialist nurse, Anita Tuffley, Clinical Facilitator for District Nursing,  Harriet Webster, respiratory nurse specialist and Laura Oyewole, heart failure and cardiac rehabilitation lead nurse, met Martin and Emma and talked through their experiences with patients in the community during the pandemic.

Responsible Clinician and Nurse Consultant at Barefoot Lodge,Julie Onyegbula, is the first approved nurse clinician in London (which means that she can be responsible for patients detained under the Mental Health Act), was on hand to show everyone around the site and talk through the services provided there.

Barefoot Lodge is an open mental health rehabilitation unit, taking patients from all across the trust and south London.

Martin Machray said: “We talked about those things that have made their jobs worthwhile, that made their life tough. And they've been through some tough times, haven't they?

“But they've come out of the last few months, the last year and a half, thinking 'I made a difference'.

“As Joint Chief Nurse for London, can I just say to every nurse, here at Oxleas, thank you for everything you've done. The city couldn't do without its nursing staff, and you have been absolutely exemplary in everything you've done.”

Published on 28th July 2021