Sean hopes the Arrival of Oliver will inspire those in despair

Sean Kingwell interview

Used to lots of attention from others, Sean Kingwell described himself as a ‘cocky, confident, but loveable teenager’ – but all that changed when he reached the age of eighteen, when events caused him to spiral into a depression that took him many years to finally emerge from and manage.

Finally, putting pen to paper about his life during this period, a screenplay was born, subsequently picked up and made into a short film - ‘Arrival of Oliver’, which went on to win ‘Best Drama Film’ in the Europe Film Festival UK.
A raw yet moving story, ‘Arrival of Oliver’ charts Sean’s life in south east London as a teenager struggling with how his life feels as though it’s on a downward spiral that he has no control over, until he manages, with the help of others, to slowly but surely move himself forward to a brighter future.
We caught up with Sean recently to find out more about the inspiration for the film and his decision to share his story of such a personal journey.
Sean said: “I want to share my story because at the time, through those years, I really believed that I was alone and nobody could help me.
“Looking back, I really don’t know how I got through it, but the one thing I have learned is that there are people who can help you, but you do have to find it within yourself to ask - I eventually did and it saved my life. I want others to know that it is possible to recover, to come out the other side and move on to a better place.”

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Published on 25th August 2021