Meet our Cardiac Rehabilitation Team

News: Cardiac Rehab

Last week our Cardiac Rehabilitation team, based at Queen Mary's hospital, made the much-needed return to socially distanced face-to-face classes.

You can view the full video here to see first-hand the positive impact the classes are having on our recovering patients.

Sarah Hubball, Cardiac Nurse Specialist
Sarah Hubball, Cardiac Nurse Specialist

"Cardiac exercise is really safe"

“The important thing to say is that cardiac exercise is really safe, lot of people really worry about doing exercise, especially after a heart event” Sarah Hubball, Cardiac Nurse Specialist, said, as she explained the importance of easing our patients back into a comfortable exercise routine that is tailor made for each individual patient.

Currently our Cardiac Rehabilitation Team are working endlessly, carrying on with virtual classes, one-to-one home visits and they have now reintroduced face-to-face group sessions, which makes the world of difference to patients’ recovery. As well as exercise, Sarah and the team offer an education programme, which gives lifestyle advice from dietary, coping mechanisms and managing stress.

It’s no wonder the team have won the annual staff recognition award for Team of Year, twice!

Published on 2nd September 2021