Help us to shape how we support those waiting for care

News: Focus Groups

We’ve an opportunity for you to help shape how we support people waiting for care at Oxleas NHS. 

If you have lived experience of our services, or ideas and feedback you would like to share, sign up to take part in the two remaining virtual focus groups on Wednesday 12 January from 10.30am to noon. Click here to register

A second meeting will take place on Thursday 24 February 2022 from 10.30am to noonClick here to register

The meetings will ask people what information and support we can provide at Oxleas to those service users who are between referral and being seen for the first time. 

Achieving zero delays is one of our three top priorities in our new strategy, identified during large-scale feedback from Our Next Step engagement work and experiences through the pandemic. 

The meetings are open to anyone who has been involved in Oxleas’ services, but we are particularly interested to hear from you if you have experiences of our services within the past two years. 

Lorraine Regan, Director for Adult Community Mental Health and Learning Disability Services, is leading the programme. She said: "We know that many people have to wait for a period of time between being referred to us and beginning their care at Oxleas. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to cancellations and delays, and it is likely that the impact of the pandemic on waiting times will be felt for a while to come. We want Oxleas to be known for delivering the right care at the right time with zero delays, but we know that this might mean in some cases that people still experience a wait. We believe that it is important that while people are waiting we do everything we can to support them with the resources we have available."

Published on 10th January 2022