Celebrating co-production across Oxleas

Coproduction week

It's National Co-production Week and we're continuing to celebrate the benefits of co-production across Oxleas.

There are lots of great examples of co-production across our services and we are showcasing some of these through the week.

As part of our Strategy 2021-24, we are working to increase service user and carer involvement in the development of our services. Our Executive Lead for this work is Neil Springham, Director of Therapies. "Co-production creates better services that are more effective in meeting people's needs.

"Increasing co-production is one of the building blocks of our strategy and over the past year we have been developing the infrastructure to support this more at Oxleas.

"We have many great examples of excellent co-production across Oxleas but we want to spread this good practice across the whole organisation."

Neil talks about the Involved infrastructure - involving service users and communities - in this short film.

  • For more information about how we're taking co-production forward at Oxleas, contact Japleen Kaur, Assistant Director of Involvement, at japleen.kaur@nhs.net.

Published on 5th July 2022