Betts Ward, Green Parks House

Patient Experience Programme: Green Parks House

The following is what people told us during patient experience visits to this service:

What you told us and how we've responded

  • There aren't enough staff on the ward. 
    So we are reviewing the staff levels across all acute wards.
  • I wasn't given a toiletry pack when I came on the ward. 
    So we have put a system in place to ensure you are given welcome packs and toiletry packs.
  • I don't like that we're locked out of the bathrooms. 
    So we are reviewing the policy in line with client safety.
  • I have to keep asking for drink supplies. 
    So we installed zip taps in the beverage area and regularly check provisions during each shift.
  • We need more activities to do on the ward. 
    So we looked into available activities on the ward. We bought new board games and books. A list of resources will be displayed on the notice board. We are taking part in a co-design project with clients and ward staff to improve patient experience.

What you've told us we're doing well

  • The staff are helpful.
  • I feel safe on the ward.
  • The staff are friendly.

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