Bromley Recovery West Team

Patient Experience Programme: Yeoman House

The following is what people told us during patient experience visits to this service:

What you told us and how we've responded

  • Have to wait too long for psychology. 
    So we have set up a bank for psychologists to help with staff shortages.
  • Why does my doctor have to change? 
    So we are creating posters and leaflets to help clients understand why they might not see the same doctor. Doctors will be aware of this frustration and will try to make it a smooth process for you.
  • Music in the waiting room can be distressing. 
    So we are providing a suggestion box for radio station preferences.
  • Not enough support for carers. 
    So we are getting the trust Carer lead to help train and support teams to help carers.

What you've told us we're doing well

  • Staff are always available if I need to see someone.
  • It's a great service.
  • My appointments are on time.
  • I feel I'm being helped by this service.
  • I'm supported by the staff.

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