Green Parks House

Patient Experience Programme: Adult Acute - Meet and Greet

The following is what patients have told us within 48 hours of their admission to Betts, Goddington and Norman Wards at Green Parks House. 

'Meet and Greet' interviews

Within 48 hours of admission, we invite as many of our new admissions as possible to a ‘Meet and Greet’ interview with our Inpatient Administrator and, sometimes, our Modern Matron is also present.  We do this to ensure that our admission process is professional, safe, caring and compassionate and meeting the needs of all our patients.

‘Meet and Greet’ is a structured interview which aims to provide a time for patients to reflect on the first 48 hours of admission and consider whether their basic requirements have been met. The link below takes you to the full results of our 'Meet and Greet' interviews, and what we're doing in response to your feedback.

As part of this interview, patients are invited to make their own observations about their experience. Below is a selection of our patients’ comments:

What you told us and how we've responded

  • I would like to attend the local chapel service if possible.
    So we (Inpatient Administrator) contacted the main hospital to locate the priest who was happy to welcome clients from Green Parks House within his weekly service.
  • I worry I will forget to say everything in my ward round.
    So we showed the patient the daily ward diary available (if required), to make personal notes and records while on the ward.
  • On discharge I would like my mum to become my formal carer and need to know what financial support she could claim.
    So we signposted to the Benefits Advisor for information.
  • I would like my own linen basket for dirty washing.
    So we purchased washing baskets for every bedroom on the unit.
  • My employer insists on a daily phone call to record my absence and I am not able to do this at the moment.
    So we (ward staff) agreed to make these phone calls during the first few days of admission and then supported the patient to make them herself.
  • My mobile is broken and it holds the phone numbers of family members I need to contact.
    So we (Inpatient Administrator) located an unused mobile phone to enable the patient to obtain his phone numbers.
  • I would like to do some voluntary work in the future.
    So we gave details for MIND and asked the peer volunteer working on the unit to speak directly with the patient.
  • I would like some information on bereavement counselling.
    So we (Inpatient Administrator) downloaded information for local support agencies for the patient.
  • I would like some photos of my children while in hospital but cannot speak to my partner.
    So we (Inpatient administrator) arranged with another family member to have photos left at reception.

What you've told us we're doing well

It's nice here and I like the toothbrush pack!

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