Norman Ward, Green Parks House

Patient Experience Programme: CCE - Norman Ward

Weekly patient experience group

We run a weekly patient experience group every Wednesday morning in addition to our well established daily community meetings.

The Patient Experience Group enables us to get direct feedback from patients whilst they are in our care, to help us make real time improvements to the patient experience. Below are some examples of what you've told us and what we've done to make improvements in response to this.

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What you told us and how we've responding

  • It would be nice to have a cooked breakfast as this is not provided throughout our admission period. 
    So we provide a bacon sandwich once a week and considerations are given to specific dietary needs.
  • There was a lot of inconsistency when relatives visit regarding going in to patient's bedrooms. 
    So we have put up posters in each patient's bedroom to inform both patients and relatives.
  • The smoking pod was being used inconsistently at night times.
    So we have developed a protocol for use of the smoking pod including hours of operation, from 6am until midnight.
  • Group activities needed to be reviewed as some groups were no longer relevant.
    So we have revised our group activity programme, and have purchased more items including a pool table, extra Wii games, board games and more DVDs including Zumba and Karaoke CDs.
  • Patients complain of feeling unsafe due to another confrontational patient.
    So we have reviewed medication for specific patients and patients are encouraged to speak to staff if they feel unsafe. Dignity and respect issues are constantly explored in daily community meetings and reassurance given to all patients.
  • One to one was not being offered consistently on each shift.
    So we discussed and reinforced one to one sessions in our team meetings and handover to ensure it takes place every shift. Additionally, the 360 degree primary nurse feedback questionnaire is now in use for direct feedback to primary nurses, which is reviewed with the nurse in their supervision meeting every month.
  • Patients would like to know their provisional discharge dates so that they have something to work towards.
    So we now routinely discuss discharge dates in the ward round for each patient.
  • Relatives/carers travel far to get here but sometimes staff are too busy to talk to them. 
    So we have implemented a carers evening tea group, which takes place during the protected meal times in order to encourage discussions with relatives and carers.
  • Staff were not meeting with patients to prepare for ward round and their input was not considered.
    So we have implemented a ward round preparation questionnaire to prompt patients' involvement and capture their views around experience, therapeutic engagement, medication, care planning and progress.
  • It would be helpful to have draft excluders as it can be extremely cold, especially when the smoking pod is in use.
    So we (ward manager) will email the Facilities Manager to see what adjustments can be made. In the meantime, patients are encouraged to ensure the smoking pod door is closed when in use.
  • Patient's computer internet access was down.
    So we asked IT to resolve this, it was fixed the following day.
  • The shower in the male toilet was not working.
    So we reported this and the shower was fixed by maintenance on the same day.
  • The TV in the female lounge was too old, too small, and the DVD player was not working.
    So we purchased a 32" TV with inbuilt DVD.

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