Older People's Mental Health Service

The feedback we have received in our service over the past few years, has led to a number of changes. Here are some examples.

Older people in day ward

What you told us and how we've responded

  • You didn't always get the information you need, particularly in the Memory Service.
    So we are developing an information pack for people seen in the Memory Service to ensure that everyone gets all the information they need.
  • The pathway from seeing the GP into our services is not always smooth.
    So we have carried out a programme of training sessions with local GP practices that have been well received.
  • It's not always possible to commit to regular group sessions.
    So we have started to run indivdiual workshops to make it easier to attend.
  • Carers and families did not always get the support they need from our service.
    So we are implementing family meetings across our wards so that every family has a chance to meet together with ward staff in a dedicated space outside of the ward round.
    So we are ensuring that carers assessments are offered across all of our services.
  • Your experience of receiving a diagnosis of dementia was mixed.
    So we have had training on this in the Memory Service.