Membership: Events

As part of your membership you will be invited to a range of events throughout the year to keep you involved and informed.

Upcoming events

  • Annual members’ meeting 2019 (check back for further info) 
  • Members’ focus groups 2020 (check back for further info) 

You have the opportunity to attend the following events:

Our annual members’ meeting

Our official end of year meeting reviewing the year, our plans and future developments. Key speakers include our chief executive and lead governor.

Our focus groups

Supported by our governors, our focus groups give members the opportunity to improve our services by having a say on a range of topics affecting our patients and visitors.

Our workshops on range of health related topics

Our workshops, run by our health professionals, have been setup to help you make better decisions about your health and to give you the knowledge about health related topics. Topics can range from learning ‘how to do basic first aid’, to ‘healthy eating’, to understanding ‘child development’.

Our celebration events

Events celebrating special occasions or key milestones.

Previous events